The longest lasting Side guide roller

Our steel side guide roller keeps the conveyor belt in alignment, secures the belt edge, and last 10x longer than plastics and polyurethane.

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Made from Locally Sourced Mild Steel

  • Keeps the conveyor belt in alignment
  • Absorbs lateral belt loads, preventing edge curl
  • Avoids belt entrapment and climb over issues
  • Accommodates belt oscillation and heave
  • Lasts longer than rubber, UHMW, nylons, plastics, and polyurethane
  • Fully recyclable at the end of their service life

“Ontario Trap Rock has been using hardened guide rollers for 4 years and have had great success with them. They more than double the life of any you can buy from OEM suppliers. With being able to change out the common size bearings, if needed, their up-time is 100%. Greasable dust covers make them last in the most harsh conditions. I highly recommend them with any conveyor in the rack or return side applications.”

Andy R.


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